First color picture in the small scale full moon theater
October 1987

Humbert Camerlo
Inventor of the FMT
lighted by moonlight
december 1990

Peter Rice parlant du
FMT à l'Université
de Philadelphie

Site of the FMT
before the stone construction
Mars 1991

Building team of the FMT
Berberian builders
from marocan atlas

Peter Rice & Camerlo
at the FMT
in the Cevennes
Mai 1991

The Art& Science Comitee / Left to right
Moses Pendleton / H Camerlo / G.Calderon
A.Molinié/ M.Descombin

Theater workshp
Journey to the moon
summer 1991

conversation between the sculptor Maxime Descombin and the choreographer Moses Pendleton

Rehearsal of the first ballet with the
Momix Company on stage of the FMT
summer 1991

TV Broadcast
Night of shooting stars with Hubert Reeves / H. Camerlo
Astrophysicist Daniel Kunth & André Brahic

Humbert and Viviane Camerlo
show to the moderator
the FMT site on a satellite
spot image

Buzz Aldrin & Hubert Reeves
Lunch time
August 1994

Gift Photo from Buzz Aldrin
To the Full Moon Theater

The composer
Rolf Liebermann
A fan of the Full Moon Theater

Carolyn Carlson
Improvises a sketch performance in the FMT

Moon rising
in the collectors mirors
1994 setting

Young actors workshop on
« Mid summer night’s dream »

Verdi's Opera Attila
Montpellier 2002
sets Titina Maselli
Director H. Camerlo
lighting calibrated
with moon lighting test

A perfect site for a Full Moon Theater in Morey Peru Photo G.Bodenhausen

1987-1rst Full Moon Theater
Model with magnifying mirors

1rst coloured picture with moonlight
« Nou » Sculpture M. Descombin

Odeillo Sun Oven
Moon shot 1990

1rst serie of
Parabolic collectors

Stage Collectors
« Archimèdes »

Nicolas Prouvé Design
great «Keplers » set

Setting of
Great «Keplers »

1992 experiment
Setting for TV broadcast

Humbert Camerlo Design
Follow spot Mercury

Nicolas Prouvé Design
Follow spot Mercury

Alexandre Camerlo Design
Mercury follow spot

« Keplers » collectors
Focalised on the moon

Optical game
With « keplers » collectors

Sketch of inflatable collectors
By Humbert Camerlo

Simulation of open air full moon
Theater- B. Mans vision

2’ still picture 200 ASA
Full Moon 1h30 a.m.